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Two-component, polyurethane-based surface primer developed for rapidly drying, humid and wet concretes

GREEN LACK PRIMER PU UNIVERSAL-2K is a two-component primer not containing solvent. It has been developed for the polyurethane- based products. It is cured in a short period of time and it does not contain any toxic substance (zero VOC/Volatile Organic Compounds). GREEN LACK PRIMER PU UNIVERSAL-2K is specifically designed for the purpose of ensuring that the polyurethane-based products are adhered well onto the humid or wet concrete surfaces.


• Humid, damp concrete
• Wet concrete
• Environments without good ventilation
• Asphalt and asphalt membranes
• Water tanks made from concrete, steel or other materials


• It perfectly adheres to almost all types of surfaces.
• As it does not contain any solvent, it can be readily applied in the environments without ventilation.
• It has very high hydrophobic and hydrolysis resistance.
• It shows performance within a wide heat range. It is cured even at low temperature and under the water films.
• It exhibits effective resistance against chemicals.
• It can be used for filling and adhering the geotextiles.


Surface Information: The surface should be cleaned by using pressurized water if possible; the oil, grease, fuel and paraffin wastes should be removed and also the surface should be completely cleared of the mold release agents, cement residuals, chips, loose particles and cured membranes. The surface deformations and cracks should be repaired by filling with appropriate products. The surface deformations should be filled by concentrating the product with sand.

Preparation of the Mixture: It is a two-component product and should be prepared at the specified mixture ratio as much as the amount to be consumed in consideration of the mixture life. In order to be able to obtain a homogeneous mixture, attention should be paid to that the product temperature is not less than 15 °C. The component A and the component B should be mixed with a mixer that is operated at low speed for at least 3 minutes (300 revolution/min.) until they are homogeneous. Attention should be paid to consume the prepared mixture within the mixture life. In order to reduce the consumption in the outdoor environments and extend the pot life, you can dilute the material with polyurethane thinner in an outdoor space. When you will apply primer onto the wet surfaces or the water films, never thin the product. In the hot environments, discharge the product into a shallow and wide pot in order to extend the pot life. Application Use a roller or brush. After it has been cured, apply the main layers.

CONSUMPTION: It depends on the porosity condition of the surface: between 100 gr/m² and 500gr/m².

POT LIFE: The pot life of two mixed components is 30 minutes at 20 °C. In order to be able to extend the pot life; Keep the pot which includes the mixture in a cool environment far away from sunlight First of all, discharge the mixed product onto the floor for it to get loose and then spread it. Pour the mixed product into a separate shallow and wide pot.

PACKAGING DETAILS: 20 kg (comp. A: 12 kg, comp. B: 5 kg). 10 kg (comp. A: 6 kg, comp. B: 2,5 kg).

STORAGE DETAILS: The material should be kept in a cool and dry place. The lifetime of the material is 1 year for the component A and for the component B when it is stored in its unopened original package and properly.


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