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Innovations that Differentiate Your Applications

While the market is constantly changing, your application needs are constantly changing. An experienced and innovative solution partner can help you differentiate and enrich your applications and take you beyond the market trends.

Innova Polimer A.Ş follows many market developments and turns many innovations into reality. Our new products may be in the form of new products available in the current sector, or through new applications targeted in new industries.

In addition, the extra value created by Innova Polimer A.ş enables you to achieve competitive advantage against its competitors, both technological and performance in the market.



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In addition to producing furniture protection systems for indoor furniture for the needs of the building industry with the GREEN LACK brand, it also offers protective systems that have been developed to protect the first day value of wood, which is valued more and more, for years. It aims to meet the current needs of the furniture industry with its 25 years of experience in traditional furniture varnish paints, its knowledge and strength from innovative R&D studies. "İnnova Polimer San. Tic. A.ş", an innovative, well-established and reliable organization that does not hesitate to develop products tailored to the needs and demands of the sector, with its increasing capacity, its understanding of quality that it does not compromise, and its investments in people and technology, and it is constantly improving itself by enlarging its goals.


Two-component, acrylic resin-based topcoat varnish and paint. on the applied surface...


Alkyd polyurethane resin-based, two-component; Aromatic paint and varnish - Aliphatic paint...


Alkyd and Nitrocellulose based, one component, air drying, (Opaque / Silk Opaque / Glossy) view ......


Fire retardant paints. Furniture coatings that adhere to melamine, pvc and similar hard sur...


Synthetic based transparent wood colorant, Cellulose based transparent middle layer col...


Nowadays, we produce protective and care chemicals developed by wood, which is...


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