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two-component, not-swelling, polyurethanebased parquet adhesive.

DEFINITION: Innopur adhesive is two-component, not-swelling, polyurethane-based parquet adhesive. It is a varnish that is used for all types of parquets and wainscots and that is hardened with reaction. As the innopur adhesive has splendid flexibility, it does not move on the parquet. It is not deformed in any way between the temperatures of -10 °C and +50 °C. The innopur adhesive is compatible with the polyurethane primers.


• It is used for adhering the long-short and medium-length parquets.
• It is also used for adhering the ready-made parquets and laminated coatings onto the surfaces.


• It is hard and resilient,
• It ensures that the parquet is used during the life of the structure,
• It can be used also on the floors with underfloor heating system,
• It is easy and comfortable to use.


Surface Information: The application surface should be sound. The surface should has minimum 25 N/mm² pressure-resistance and minimum 1,5 N/mm² pull-off test result. The age of the new concrete should be at least 28 days according to the season and the concrete surfaces should have maximum 4% moisture content. All loose, movable particles must have been cleared of the oil and paint residuals and cement slurry. The wide fractures and defects should be repaired in advance. The surface should be clean, dust-free and rough. The water and water vapor arresting isolations of the concrete surfaces which are in contact with the soil and onto which the application will be made must have been previously made. The concrete surface should be reinforced preferably with GreenLackPrimer-2K (sanding elimination) or GreenLackPrimer-1K (dehumidification). The floor onto which the parquets will be adhered should be clean, dry, crack-free and resistant to tensile strengths. The floor onto which the application will be made is wiped with a cellulosic-thinner cloth and cleared of the impurities such as oil and grease. For the floors having underfloor heating system, the heating system must have been activated 10 days before and must be turned off during the application. All of the hardener is added onto the component I and mixed by means of a drill until a homogeneous (uniform color) color is obtained and the mixture is quickly applied onto the floor with the parquet gauge.

Preparation of the Mixture: It is a two-component product and should be prepared at the specified mixture ratio as much as the amount to be consumed in consideration of the mixture life. In order to be able to obtain a homogeneous mixture, attention should be paid to that the product temperature is not less than 15 °C. The component A should be quickly mixed in itself with a mechanical mixer and the hardener (the component B) should be added by taking into account the mixture ratio. The component A and the component B should be mixed with a mechanical mixer for at least 3 minutes until they are homogeneous. Attention should be paid to consume the prepared mixture within the mixture period.

Application onto the Surface: The mixture that has been made ready for the application is applied onto the surface with the pointed trowel so that the parquet threads will be filled.

Cleaning of the Equipment: With cellulosic thinner.

PACKAGING DETAILS: One set of INNOPUR ADHESIVE PARQUET ADHESIVE OF 10 KG is composed of the component A that is net 9 kg in one bucket and the component B 1 Kg in one box.


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