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Two-component, polyurethane-based, transparent floor primer with solvent

DEFINITION: Two-component, polyurethane-based, low viscosity, transparent floor primer impregnated material with solvent. It has been developed in order to ensure adhesion onto  all types of dry concretes by preventing sanding. It is resilient and it is not deformed in any way between the temperatures of -10 °C and +120 °C. It can be readily applied onto the floors having underfloor heating system. However, it is not recommended in the humid areas, in the sub-ground floors at the sea coasts. It is compatible with the polyurethane adhesives.


• As primer layer before the application of epoxy or polyurethane upper coatings in the floors exposed to medium and heavy load onto the concrete, cemented or epoxy mortars,
• As primer before the parquet adhesive in the parquet applications on concrete,
• As concrete primer for the purpose of wetting the concrete surface and providing a good adhesion bridge before the polyurethane mortar, epoxy/polyurethane upper layer coatings,


• It has low viscosity and resilient structure,
• It has high wetting capability,
• It eliminates dust and sanding,
• It has surface hardening property.


Surface Information: The application surface should be sound. The surface should has minimum 1,5 N/mm² pull-off test result. The age of the new concrete should be at least 28 days according to the season and the concrete surfaces should have maximum 5-6% moisture content. All loose, movable particles must have been cleared of the oil and paint residuals and cement slurry. The wide fractures and defects should be repaired in advance. The cement shell and bright cement finish on the concrete surface should be removed and the surface roughened and wiped by means of the tools such as sanding, chipping, brim machine with diamonds drum, power grinder. The entire surface should be cleared of the dust with an industrial type vacuum cleaner. The water and water vapour arresting isolations of the concrete surfaces which are in contact with the soil and which will be coated must have been made.

Preparation of the Mixture: It is a two-component product and should be prepared at the specified mixture ratio as much as the amount to be consumed in consideration of the mixture life. In order to be able to obtain a homogeneous mixture, attention should be paid to that the product temperature is not less than 15 °C. The component A should be quickly mixed in itself with a mechanical mixer and the hardener (the component B) should be added by taking into account the mixture ratio. The component A and the component B should be mixed with a mechanical mixer for at least 3 minutes until they are homogeneous. Attention should be paid to consume the prepared mixture within the mixture period.

Application onto the Surface: Uygulamaya hazır hale getirilen karışım, rulo veya havasız püskürtme ile yüzey doyurulacak, gözenekler kapatılacak şekilde uygulanır. Kat üstü yeni kat uygulama süresi olarak en az 24 saat (20°C), en çok 2 gündür. İkinci katın yukarıda belirtilen yeni kat uygulama süresi içinde uygulanması çok önemlidir. Tam bir mekanik ve kimyasal dayanıma yaklaşık 7 günde ulaşır.

PACKAGING DETAILS: One set of GREEN LACK PRIMER-2K; OF 4,5 KG is composed of the component A that is net 3 kg in one gallon. and the component B that is net 1,5 kg in a gallon.


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