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One-component, low viscosity, polyurethanebased surface primer with solvent developed for porous floors

GREEN LACK PRIMER PU-1K is a one-component, low viscosity, polyurethane-based liquid primer that is cured with the moisture in the air. It is specifically designed for the purpose of reinforcing the adhesion of the polyurethane-based products having high solid substance content to the porous bottom layers. It is an ideal protector against the corrosion of metal structures.


Porous bottom layers which can be applied as primer:
• Porous concrete
• Plaster (plaster, gypsum)
• Wood
• Concrete seal


• It is not recommended for unsound bottom layers.
• It is not applied as thick layers.

CONSUMPTION:Maximum total consumption: 0.150 kg/m²

CLEANING: After cleaning the tools and equipment with paper towel, wipe them with SOLVENT. The brushes are not reusable.

PACKAGING: 16 kg, 6 kg

SHELF LIFE: It can be stored for minimum 12 months in its unopened original buckets in dry environments at the temperature between 5 °C and 25 °C. The material in the opened bucket should be used as soon as possible.


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