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DEFINITION: Two-component, acrylic resin-based finishing varnish. Acrylic varnish gives a silk opaque appearance to the surface onto which it is applied. Due to its acrylic structure, it forms a very transparent, hard, resilient film that does not turn yellow.

PLACE OF USE: It is designed to be used in varnishing all kinds of massive and coated wood surfaces in the furniture industry in the indoor furniture and decoration works which are required not to turn yellow.


• Resistant to turning yellow,
• It is resistant to scratches and impacts,

Note: The drying periods are measured when applied 40-micron kfk under the normal conditions. It should be known that the drying periods will increase as the application thickness increases and in cold weathers.


Surface Preparation: The application surface should be cleared of the dusts and dirts.

Ambient Conditions: The ambient temperature should be between +5°C and +35°C. For the applications to be made in the closed environments, attention should be paid to ventilation.

Preparation of the Mixture: Attention should be paid that the paint to be thinned is at minimum 15°C. 19500 Acrylic opaque Varnish and 19500 Acrylic Hardener 10+1 should be mixed by weight and brought to the application viscosity with the addition of Green Lack Acrylic Thinner. Homogeneous mixture should be ensured also by using mechanical mixer when required. Before starting to apply, it should be rested for 10-15 minutes.

Application onto the Surface: The mixture which is made ready for application is applied in the form of 2 or 3 cross layers by waiting for 30 – 45 minutes between the layers depending on the required surface saturity by pneumatic injection. Pasta-polish is applied within 48 or 72 hours depending on the ambient temperature.

Cleaning of the Equipment: With Acrylic thinner.

PACKAGING DETAILS: One set of 16,5 kg 19500 ACRYLIC TRANSPARENT SILK OPAQUE VARNISH 10+1 is composed of the component A of net 15 kg and with the product code 19500 in one bucket and the component B of net 1,5 kg and with the product code 19500 in one gallon.

STORAGE DETAILS: The material should be kept in a cool and dry place. The lifetime of the material is 1 year when it is stored in its unopened original package and properly.

HEALTH/SAFETY DETAILS: Comply with the Safety Information Form (SIF) issued in compliance with the EU directives related to the product.


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