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DEFINITION: Alkyd polyurethane resin-based, two-component, Finishing silk opaque furniture paint in white color and with maximum yellowing resistance (aliphatic).

PLACE OF USE: It is used as finishing paint on all kinds of massive and coated wooden surfaces for internal use in the furniture and decoration industry.


• It has high yellowing resistance,
• It has high filling capacity,
• It is resistant to domestic chemicals, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks.

Note: The drying periods are the periods which will be obtained when applied so as to leave 40 micron dry film thickness in a single layer under the normal conditions. It should be known that the drying periods will increase as the application thickness increases and in cold weathers.


paration: The application surface should be clean and solid. The wooden surfaces should be cleared of the dusts on the surfaces after the appropriate sanding process.

Ambient Conditions: The ambient temperature should be between +5°C and +35°C. For the applications to be made in the closed environments, attention should be paid to ventilation.

Preparation of the Mixture: It is a two-component product and it should be prepared at the rate of the mixture specified as much as the amount to be consumed by taking into account the mixture life. Attention should be paid that the product temperature is not less than 15°C in order to be able to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The component A should be mixed within itself and the hardener (the component B) should be added by paying attention to the mixture rate. The components A and B should be mixed until they are homogeneous.

Application onto the Surface: The mixture which is made ready for application is applied in the form of two – three cross layers depending on the required surface saturity by pneumatic injection. It is left to curing in a dust-free environment.

Cleaning of the Equipment: With polyurethane thinner.

PACKAGING DETAILS: One set of 18 kg 18610 POLYURETHANE FINISHING SİLK OPAQUE PAINT is composed of the component A of net 12 kg and with the product code 18610 in one bucket and the component B of net 6 kg and with the product code of 18610 in one canister.

STORAGE DETAILS: The material should be kept in a cool and dry place. The lifetime of the material is 1 year for the component A and 6 months for the component B when stored in its unopened original package and properly.


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