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DEFINITION: A one-component, polyurethane-based parquet varnish that has been developed for the spaces where there is less traffic such as air-dried house. Due to the reason that it is urethane-alkyd- based, it is a varnish that has scratch and abrasion-resistance and that is hard elastic. It is a varnish that provides bright, sateen and opaque surface. It is comfortably used on all types of parquet surfaces. It does not change the natural color of the parquets. Green Lack-1K varnish is compatible with the polyurethane fillers and cellulosic fillers.

PLACE OF USE:It is used as the finishing varnish onto all kinds of parquets in the indoor spaces.


• It is flexible,
• Bright-opaque-steel types are available.
• It is easy and comfortable to use,
• It has high scratch-resistance.


Surface Preparation: The application surface should be sound. The wooden surfaces should be cleared of the dusts on the surface and primed with cellulosic filler after the appropriate sanding process.

Ambient Conditions: The ambient temperature should be between +5 °C and +35 °C. Care should be taken to ventilation in the applications to be made in closed environments.

Application onto the Surface: Following the sanding process, the mixture that has been prepared is applied onto the surfaces onto which cellulosic filler has been applied with a roller. It is recommended to apply as 2-3 layers.

Glossy varnish application: 1 or 2 layers of bright glaze are applied onto the clean parquet floor, which has been levigated through scraping process and tempered with filler by means of a roller or brush.

Sateen varnish application: Firstly, 1 or 2 layers of bright glaze and then 1 layer of sateen varnish as top coat are applied.

Matt varnish application: Firstly, 1 or 2 layers of bright glaze and then 1 layer of sateen varnish as top coat are applied. Cleaning of the Equipment: With cellulosic thinner.

PACKAGING DETAILS: It is available as net 12 lt in a bucket and as 3 lt in one gallon.

STORAGE DETAILS: The material should be kept in a cool and dry place. The lifetime of the material is 1 year when stored in its unopened original package and properly.


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