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DEFINITION: Two-component, polyurethane-based parquet varnish developed for the spaces with traffic. It is a two-component, polyurethane based varnish that is hardened with reaction and that is used for all types of parquets and wainscots. Green Lack Traffic-2K varnish is used for varnishing the long, short and medium-length parquets. It is compatible with the polyurethane fillers and the cellulosic fillers. 

PLACE OF USE:It is used as the finishing varnish onto all types of parquets where there is medium pedestrian traffic.


• It is flexible,
• It has high scratch-resistance.
• It is easy and comfortable to use,


Surface Preparation: The application surface should be sound. The wooden surfaces should be cleared of the dusts on the surface and primed with cellulosic filler after the appropriate sanding process.

Ambient Conditions: The ambient temperature should be between +5 °C and +35° C. Care should be taken to the ventilation in the applications to be made in the closed environments.

Preparation of the Mixture: It is a two-component product and should be prepared at the specified mixture ratio as much as the amount to be consumed in consideration of the mixture life. In order to be able to obtain a homogeneous mixture, attention should be paid to that the product temperature is not less than 15 °C. The component A should be quickly mixed in itself with a mechanical mixer and the hardener (the component B) should be added by taking into account the mixture ratio. The component A and the component B should be mixed with a mechanical mixer for at least 3 minutes until they are homogeneous. Attention should be paid to consume the prepared mixture within the mixture life.

Application onto the Surface: After the completion of the mixing process, the varnish mixture is rested for 10-15 minutes for the start of the initial reaction and is prepared for the application. It is applied onto the parquet floor, which has been primed with polyurethane or cellulosic filler and levigated through the scraping process, by means of a roller or brush. If the primer that is used is polyurethane-based Green Lack N.C Filler, one layer of Green Lack Traffic-2K varnish is applied; and if it is cellulosic filler, two layers of Green Lack Traffic-2K varnish is applied. It should be waited between the layers for 1 day and the sanding process must be necessarily applied with hand sander. It is proceeded with the placement of the furniture at least 3 days after the completion of the varnishing process.

Cleaning of the Equipment: With cellulosic thinner.

PACKAGING DETAILS: One set of 5 lt GREEN LACK TRAFFIC-2K is composed of the component A of net 2,5 lt in a gallon and the component B of net 2,5 lt in a gallon.


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