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DEFINITION: A one-component, water-based, polyurethane-acrylic based bright, sateen and opaque varnish. It has been developed for indoor spaces. It provides splendid effect and hides all defects of the parquet. It has no toxic effect. It does not change the natural color of the parquets.

PLACE OF USE: It is used as varnish for protecting the indoor parquets and wainscots where there is slight pedestrian


• It rapidly dries out and provides a hard film.
• Does not distorting the natural appearance of the wood
• It is not toxic
• It is easy to clean
• Partial repair can be done.
• It is resistant to household chemicals, ketchup, mayonnaise coffee etc.


Surface Preparation: The application surface should be sound. The wooden surfaces should be cleared of the dusts on the surface and primed with cellulosic filler after the appropriate sanding process.

Ambient Conditions: The ambient temperature should be between +5 °C and +35 °C. Care should be taken to ventilation in the applications to be made in closed environments.

Application onto the Surface: The varnish is slowly mixed with a clean stick. It is never shaken. It is applied onto the clean parquet floor, which has been levigated through the scraping process and tempered, as 2 layers with the water-based primer and as 3 layers without primer by means of a roller. The waiting period between the layers is 2-3 hours.

Cleaning of the Equipment: With hot water.

PACKAGING DETAILS: It is available in a plastic gallon as net 5 liters.

Matt varnish application: Firstly, 1 or 2 layers of bright glaze and then 1 layer of sateen varnish as top coat are applied. Cleaning of the Equipment: With cellulosic thinner.

PACKAGING DETAILS: It is available as net 12 lt in a bucket and as 3 lt in one gallon.

STORAGE DETAILS: The material should be kept in a cool and dry place. The lifetime of the material is 1 year when stored in its unopened original package and properly.



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