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DEFINITION: Alkyd resin based, one component, air drying, transparent colorant with high coloring power.

PLACE OF USE: All kinds of solid and veneer are applied on interior and exterior wooden surfaces and on wooden parts of watercraft.


• Fast Drying,
• Decorative surface appearance,
• Color giving power that does not spoil the natural appearance.

Note: Drying times are the times that will be obtained when applied in a single layer with a thickness of 20 microns dry film. It should be known that as the application thickness increases and the drying times will increase in cold weather.


Surface Preparation: Application surface should be clean and solid. Wooden surfaces should be cleaned from dust on the surface after proper sanding.

Ambient Conditions: Ambient temperature should be between + 5 ° C and + 35 ° C. Attention should be paid to ventilation in applications to be made in closed environments.

Surface Application: After it is mixed thoroughly, it is absorbed well with a brush or cloth and applied in thin layers. At least 12 hours later, Green lack Cellulosic or Polyurethane Filler Varnish is applied. Green sand Cellulosic or Polyurethane topcoat varnishes are applied after sanding.

Cleaning of the Equipment: With Cellulosic or Synthetic Thinner.

PACKAGING DETAILS: It is available as 12 lt net in a bucket, 2.5 lt net in a gallon and 0.75 lt in a box.

STORAGE DETAILS: The material should be stored in a cool and dry place. The life of the material is 1 year in its unopened original package and when stored properly.

HEALTH / SAFETY INFORMATION: Follow the Safety Data Sheet (GBF) issued in accordance with the EU directives regarding the product.


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